Pecorino and balsamic focaccia

Use the focaccia recipe and method that you used on the course but:

1) incorporate 50g finely grated pecorino cheese into the dough from the very start

2) when preparing the focaccia for the oven dimple the dough with an emulsion of balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a 1:1 ratio.  Be very generous with it so that you get big puddles of emulsion sitting in the dimples on top - for this reason it's best to bake this in a shallow, parchment-lined baking tin to prevent spillage.

3) the rest of the method is the same, although a scattering of finely grated pecorino on the top for the last couple of minutes' baking looks even more fab.


Thanks to course participant Wendy Ridolini for this recipe idea.

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Brown bread

Use the method that we followed for the production of the white dough, but instead of using all white flour use about 30% wholemeal flour - you might need to add a smidgeon more water to the recipe.  The result will be a loaf that is much more flavoursome than the white and it's fantastic with fish.  It might even get past some of those people who say they don't like brown bread.


You can thank me for this recipe!

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Rosemary and apple

Use the method that we used for production of Red Bread on the course - but instead of incorporating cheese and onion add in finely chopped rosemary (a heaped teaspoonful) and an apple (chunked quite small, skin left on) per loaf.  Treat and bake just as Red Bread.  Tastes even better if you use the brown bread recipe above as the dough.  Divine toasted as it really releases the aromatic oils in the rosemary.


With thanks to Crustumer Heather Davies

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