Put a lapsed microbiologist, ex-teacher, ex-baker into a blender and what do you get...?


Why, Loaftastic of course!



I love helping people with a fear of focaccia or a loathing of their loaves sort their problems out and bake beautiful bread.  My careers don't seem to last that long, but they've all been very rewarding and, in Loaftastic, are usefully combined in the approach I take in order to help you understand a little bit of the miraculous action taking place within your dough as you craft it into fabulously toothsome stuff.

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In 2011 I started up the little bakery known as Crustum in Kenilworth.  It grew into Kenilworth's littlest bakery and before long people were queuing for bunnage.  In 2017 I decided that there is simply too much walking, cycling and camping still to be done, so I hung up my apron for the last time on New Year’s Eve.  I still love seeing how other bakers do their thing and bring some of these ideas into my courses, which are still run at Crustum thanks to the kind permission of the new owner.

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